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New Releases

A Seamless Web

In recent years, American art scholars have increasingly focused on the importance of cross-cultural exchanges during the nineteenth century. As essayist François Brunet puts it, mid-nineteenth century landscapes were “transnational . . . permeated by complex transactions where ‘American’ originality produced itself not only in imi...

Feminist Challenges or Fem...

The chapters collected in this book generate discussion about the intersections of feminisms and rhetorics, as well as the ways in which those intersections are productive. This collection focuses on the locations of feminist rhetorics, the various discourses that invoke “feminism” or “feminist,” and the scholarship that provokes, ...

Implementation of Oil Rela...

Fidelis Allen situates violent conflict in the Niger Delta in the context of failure by government to effectively implement relevant oil-related environmental policies intended to achieve sustainable development, arguing that oil and environment-related conflicts in the region are reflections of this failure. This failure is premis...
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Social Informatics

Social Informatics: Past, Present and Future is a collection of twelve papers that provides a state-of-the-art review of 21st century social informatics. Two papers review the history of social informatics, and show that its intellectual roots can be found in the late 1970s and early ’80s and that it emerged in several different lo...

Tabish Khair

This volume approaches Tabish Khair’s writings (both his theoretical proposals and his novels) from numerous different perspectives. Contributors engage from varied critical stances with Khair’s academic writings in a fruitful dialogue, analyze his social, political and religious concerns, and elucidate his characteristics as a nov...

The Old World and the New

This is a story of landed aristocrats, Victorian politicians and nouveaux riches colonial entrepreneurs. It is about sudden death in 10 Downing Street; an obsessive relationship; the marrying of New World money with old world class; and social elevation from a poor Scottish croft to an historic stately home. It considers the impact...
From £14.99
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