Scattering in Condensed Matter

This is a research book centered on quantum-mechanical scattering in macroscopic targets, which may lead to coherent scattering on a macroscopic scale. Specific conditions for the occurrence of coherent scattering are formulated. X- and gamma rays, neutron and neutrino scattering, and electron scattering are examined, as well as light scattering and the Moessbauer effect. Coherence domains are introduced, and their role in scattering is explored. The momentum and energy transfer to the target, as well as the force acting upon the target are emphasized, for both atomic and macroscopic targets. The book addresses a wide readership of researchers, in both experimental and theoretical physics, with an interest in a new area of research in particle scattering by macroscopic targets.

Marian Apostol is a scientific researcher and Professor of Theoretical Physics in the Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering and the Institute of Atomic Physics, Magurele, Romania, where he has worked since 1972. He has published 150 papers on condensed matter, atomic and nuclear physics, quantum theories, statistical physics, elasticity, fluids, electromagnetism, and general and applied physics. He is the founder and editor of the Journal of Theoretical Physics and Antiphysical Review, and the author of several books of physics, including Twenty Lectures on Physics; Essays in Electromagnetism and Matter; Magnetic and Electric Resonance; Equations of Mathematical Physics; Theory of Quanta; Structure of Matter; Physical Kinetics; Statistical Physics; Radiation and Matter; and Singular Equations of Waves and Vibrations.

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