Ecological and Salutogenic Design for a Sustainable Healthy Global Society

This volume brings together several leading scientists and practitioners from around the world to discuss the ecological and salutogenic design principles for creating a healthy built environment. These principles and applications are the most important scientific topic of health promotion that provides the context for a healthy lifestyle. The challenge for ecological design is to provide a green context for a healthy society dealing with built infrastructure that creates clean air, clean water, clean food, and clean land, which in turn are necessary for human health and wellbeing. In this book, these principles are intertwined with those of salutogenic design, which support human health globally.

Dr Ken Yeang is an architect and ecologist, known for his authentic innovative ecology-based signature eco-architecture and masterplans that have a distinctive verdant green aesthetic, that are beyond conventional accreditation. He trained at the Architectural Association School, UK, and holds a doctorate in Ecological Architecture and Planning from Cambridge University. He has authored over 12 books on green architecture, and is the recipient of a number of awards, including the Aga Khan Award, the Malaysian Institute of Architects Gold Medal, and the Malaysian Government’s Merdeka Award. The Guardian newspaper named him as “one of the 50 people who could save the planet.”

Professor Alan Dilani, PhD, is a founder of the International Academy for Design and Health (IADH) and the journal World Health Design. He holds a Master of Architecture in Environmental Design from the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, and a PhD in Health Facility Design from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. His research at the Karolinska Institute, Medical University, which developed a multidisciplinary research approach, led to a new design theory called “Salutogenic Design”. He has authored 16 books and has been honoured by the American Institute of Architects for his promotion of high-quality design research.

“Salutogenic design is ‘good design’ not only because of its direct applicability to people’s health but because it’s based in research, science and quantifiable evidence. By adopting salutogenic design, advocates for ‘good design’ in government share a common purpose with decision makers. It is precisely from this evidence base that design professionals can rebuild trust in their profession and design more broadly—a worthy intellectual and creative pursuit for the public good.”
Stefano Scalzo
Executive General Manager, Infrastructure Planning, Victorian Department of Health, Australia

Rossano Albatici

Stefano Andi

Richard Ashby

Paul Barach

Stefano Capolongo

Karamjit Singh Chahal

Gunther De Graeve

Leif Edvinsson

Ihab Elzeyadi

Tye Farrow

Marco Gola

Mark W. Johnson

Angela Lee

Mane Mehrabyan

Parul Minhas

Innocent Okpanum

Avani Parikh

Derek Parker

Debajyoti Pati

Kati Peditto

Naomi A. Sachs

Brinda Sengupta

Mardelle M. Shepley

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