Authors’ experiences

There is no clearer indication of the successful relationships we have built with thousands of academics over the years than their own views of the experience.

“I have worked with many presses, all around the world, and I can say that I have greatly enjoyed working with Cambridge Scholars, and the very fine results. Cambridge Scholars has shown a commitment to advancing the exchange of human knowledge that is clearly very exciting."

Professor Graeme Harper is Dean of the Honors College, Professor at Oakland University, Michigan, USA, and an Honorary Professor in the United Kingdom

"I have appreciated and enjoyed, so very much, working with all the wonderful people at Cambridge Scholars; theirs is a great team. Throughout our relationship there only has been graciousness, consideration, and professionalism on their part. Cambridge Scholars are servant leaders of the first order, which distinguishes them from other publishing houses.”   

Dr. Ron D. Petitte is a tenured Professor of Politics & Government at Bryan College in Tennessee, and Director of the Bryan College Center for Leadership & Justice

"I would highly recommend working with Cambridge Scholars, who are not afraid to take a chance on an exciting new project and are skilled at providing assistance with all phases of the publication process….They supported me with professional and high quality editing…our cover graphics were a collaboration with an amazing graphics editor; four published books later, it remains my favourite cover ever."

Dr Lynn Zubernis is a Clinical Psychologist and Professor at West Chester University of Pennsylvania

"I always feel that my knowledge is valued and remains at the forefront of what the final product looks like. Knowing that there is always advice at hand, yet also having a deal of academic freedom has been a refreshing experience. This allows each volume to have its own unique flavor, ensuring that we remain true to our own discipline and the many idiosyncrasies that it entails."

Dr Peter Whiteman is the Head of the Department of the Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

"I have worked with a number of different publishing houses and none has been so helpful, so supportive or so accommodating as Cambridge Scholars Publishing. I had the pleasure of working with great editors whose guidance and expertise proved invaluable to me. They made the process both painless (where it had not always been before) and straightforward. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quick turnaround time: the time from the manuscript being submitted to publication of the finished book was impressively short."

Dr Mark S. Ellis is the Executive Director of the International Bar Association (IBA)

"As a seasoned business professor, I did my homework in first selecting Cambridge Scholars Publishing for launching a scholarly work. Consider CSP as a first step before attempting to break into soliciting hard to attract well-known commercial publishers. Nearly impossible to get their attention without an established record as a serious book author, and self-publishing a quality book is a vanity endeavor without professional guidance. That’s where CSP helps scholars in stepping into the league of book authors.

CSP has a long-established professional niche in supporting the author through the entire publishing process resulting in a quality hardcover book, laser-printed easy to read type, and clear illustrations. There are no up-front fees and the royalty structure is equitable. Be aware that scholarly works are often priced higher for institutional buyers like libraries, textbooks, and in my case certain business niches. A high price is often considered an indicator for high quality and established reputation.

I have over thirty years of full-time teaching experience with a long list of peer reviewed articles and presentations – the typical path followed by many of my business school peers. I’ve come to learn that articles and presentations are mostly ephemeral and soon forgotten, while a well-written book lasts more than a lifetime. The team of CSP professionals have patiently helped guide me through the process so I can spend more time as an author of a quality book. Thank you CSP!"

Dr Noel Mark Noël is the Business Professor at the University of South Florida

"Thank you very much for all your help. It has been delightful working with you. It has, in fact, been an absolute joy to work with everyone at Cambridge Scholars Publishing throughout the entire publication process. What a gem of a publishing house!"

Dr Necip Fikri Alican is a philosopher specializing in ethics and metaphysics, with complementary research interests in the central figures and schools of thought in ancient philosophy.

"To my great satisfaction, I have had the pleasure to work with Cambridge Scholars Publishing in a professional capacity (as an author). They are a great team, receptive to projects of a multi-disciplinary nature and highly supportive throughout the publishing process, where they outline a very clear roadmap. Their extensive expertise and professionalism is a huge bonus for authors." (Google Review)

Davide Mazzi is Associate Professor of English at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy.