Cambridge Scholars Publishing is an independent academic publisher, committed to providing a forward-thinking publishing service that champions original thinking, whilst ensuring we put our authors at the heart of everything we do.

Founded in 2001 by former lecturers and researchers from the University of Cambridge, we publish original academic work across a wide range of subjects in four key areas: Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS); Health Sciences (HS); Physical Sciences (PS); and Life Sciences (LS).

How We Approach Academic Publishing Differently

We retain a balance between our editorial guidance and the level of control retained by our authors, acknowledging the value of presenting an author’s work in a way that retains the integrity of their original argument. We believe strongly in equality of opportunity, diversity of voices, and an ecology of knowledge.

We are proud of our reputation for author satisfaction. The publishing process should be a rewarding experience. There is no cost to our authors/editors to publish. We offer complimentary copies, a substantial author discount, and a generous royalty scheme.

Our publications are marketed worldwide and sold through international booksellers and distributors including Amazon, Blackwell, Baker & Taylor, EBSCO/Gobi, and Ingram, and are purchased by academic libraries across the world. In addition, we have distribution partnerships in key geographical territories such as the USA, China, India and the Middle East.

Our operational headquarters is located in the historic Lady Stephenson Library, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, with representative offices in Berlin, Germany; and Barcelona, Spain.

Please note that Cambridge Scholars Publishing Limited is not affiliated to or associated with Cambridge University Press or the University of Cambridge.

Print On Time

No-one – authors, sales agents and distributors, customers and publishers – likes it when books are not available.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is almost unique in the modern-day publishing industry in that we maintain our own print, storage and despatch system, in-house.

Our Print on Time system’s clever predictive algorithm ‘learns’ demand and sales patterns, and maintains micro-stocks.

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Our Headquarters - A Building Designed for Books

Our current headquarters operated as a public library – the Walker Library – until June 2013, when it was closed by the Local Authority. Cambridge Scholars Publishing moved into the empty building a year later, and restored its original name, the Lady Stephenson Library. Our work as a publisher keeps a connection with books and education, and we are pleased to be doing our part to preserve something of the fine legacy of the Stephenson and Bond families in Newcastle, and their commitment to reading, learning and libraries.

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