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Behind the Rise of Global Supply Chains

Global supply chains have become a dominant business model that has generated millions of jobs in developing and emerging economies. At the same time, we do not know what is behind this rise, as well as the effects that purchasing practices between buyers and suppliers have on wages and working conditions.

This book is the first to address the root causes of poor working conditions within global supply chains themselves, in terms of living wages, working hours, types of work contract, and health and safety, not only in the garment sector, but also in other sectors, such as food, electronics and furniture.

From a unique survey among nearly 2,000 suppliers all over the world, this volume also presents fresh evidence on purchasing practices and identifies their impact on wages and working conditions. It is essential reading for all interested in promoting social sustainability, and reveals the modus operandi behind the rise of global supply chains, as well as providing evidence on both effects and root causes. The book will also help to close the circle by identifying changes in policies and practices that could lead to more decent wages and working conditions along more sustainable global supply chains.

Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead has worked for a number of years at various European and international organizations, first at the European Commission in Brussels, where he was in charge of promoting social policies in the EU enlargement process to 27 countries, and then for more than 20 years at the International Labour Office (ILO) where he was responsible for wage policies around the world. Co-Founder and Chair of the Fair Wage Network, he also created and developed the ‘Fair Wage’ approach, which has been implemented by a number of brands and has led to an internationally recognized certification process. The author of more than 20 books, he is also Professor at SciencesPo in Paris and at the University of Geneva.

“We know that global supply chains are not providing low- and middle-income countries with secure pathways for economic development with decent work. This fascinating new book by Daniel Vaughan Whitehead helps explain what is going wrong and recommends actions for positive sustainable change. [...] Overall, this is a book rich with empirical insight, novel explanations and contributions to positive policy action, and will be of great interest to scholars of the changing face of globalisation, business practitioners and policy experts.”
Dr Damian Grimshaw
Professor of Employment Studies at London School of Economics

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