Teaching the Shoah: Mandate and Momentum

Today, more than 80 years after the Holocaust/Shoah, the events surrounding Hitler’s campaign of murder have not receded into the distance, but remain memorialized in multiple venues, both scholarly and popular. This volume is an anthological collection of essays and creative pieces showcasing the pedagogical issues related to the Nazi genocide. It addresses the field of Shoah education, featuring new and novel ways to promote awareness of the reality of the genocide, as well as an understanding of the instrumentalities (both philosophical and physical) which drove and concretized it. In addition to serious academic contributions, this volume features a play, a short story, and a discussion of the use of educational video in an online environment. It provides insight into the overarching question: how can and should the Shoah be taught, and what approaches can be utilized in sharing the most important lessons of this most unspeakable example of ethnic cleansing in human history?

Zev Garber is Emeritus Professor and Chair of Jewish Studies and Philosophy at Los Angeles Valley College. He has served as Rosenthal Professor of Judaic Studies at Case Western Reserve University, USA, and as President of the National Association of Professors of Hebrew. He has authored hundreds of articles and reviews, and his publications include 16 scholarly books, including Judaism and Jesus (2020) and The Annotated Passover Haggadah (2021).

Kenneth L. Hanson is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the University of Central Florida Judaic Studies Program. He earned a PhD in Hebrew Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, in 1991. His many scholarly articles, his monograph, Hebraic Luke, and his co-written Judaism and Jesus focus on the Second Jewish Commonwealth, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the historical Jesus and Jewish Christianity. He has also published several books of popular scholarship, including Dead Sea Scrolls: The Untold Story and Secrets from the Lost Bible.

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