Hellenic Roots of Justice and Inequality and a Jewish Ideological Alternative in Economic Science

This book explores the philosophical foundations of what we today understand as “justice”. Here we understand the present tendency in the world to see everything as a class struggle, yet the lack of effectiveness of that view in social arrangements, and for that, a renewed Jewish perspective is offered instead. The book argues that the classical understanding of equality as justice is tainted by an anti-Semitic portrayal of richness, which is completely rejected here. From an economic methodology perspective, it discusses how our present Hellenic view of equality does not do much to help those in need, and proposes a new mechanism of poverty alleviation based on generalized responsibility to help vulnerable neighbors, such as orphans, widows, aliens, the elderly, the sick and the oppressed, then putting the ordinary citizen at the center of social responsibility.

Dr David Vázquez-Guzmán is a Professor of Economics at the Autonomous University of Juarez City, Mexico. He obtained his PhD from the University of Stirling, UK, and specializes in economic topics related with methodology, theory, and human development, with special focuses on justice, rationality, and vulnerable groups. He has published several books and journal articles.

"This book is essential for those researchers and students concerned with the roots of justice and inequality from a social, political and economic perspective. The text offers a unique historical perspective regarding the treatment of poverty. As it is written by a Latin American expert, the reader will find an original point of view that will be useful in their training process and generation of new ideas."

Isaac Leobardo Sánchez Juárez, The Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez

"This inspiring book, centered on the human being, advocates human justice, and gains its originality from the alternative proposition it presents. Invoking the Hellenistic philosophical legacy and its roots, the author delves into the approaches to justice and its methods in the record of human heritage from the fourth century BC, up to the Capability Approach presented by Amartya Sen in 1999. The author, while following the Jewish ideology and presenting it as an alternative in economic sciences, provides us with additional scientific evidence that humanity is in dire need of, blending material empirical science and spiritual/monotheistic empirical science. This blending brings life to Jewish thought and practice. This book is an original contribution that addresses the planetary present with spiritual intelligence; it will continue to be expanded and renewed, and it will not be lost in the sea of knowledge, as the author, being a true scholar, humbly expressed it."

Abdalla Elfakki Elbashir, PhD Author of Post Economic Development Themes: Development as Freedom – Mahmoud Mohamed Taha and Amartya Kumar Sen (A Comparative Approach) (2022)

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