A History of Livestock and Wildlife: Animal Wealth and Human Usage

The use of wildlife products, together with advances in livestock feeding, were essential in propelling Western economic growth. Extraordinarily, these early modern and early industrial features are side-lined relative to the role of manufacturing. This book restores the balance, detailing how many species were relocated around the world and how late natural products persisted into the age of synthetics.

This text describes how animals were driven immense distances to market and harnessed for transportation and to power machines; even after industrialisation, animals were employed for innumerable purposes, besides being co-opted as pets. The recent rebound from a wholesale persecution of wild nature, and how the plundering of the animal kingdom and the development of livestock farming jointly created the Smithian Growth that ushered in the Industrial Revolution, are also described.

Eric Jones is currently Senior Fellow, University of Buckingham, UK, and Emeritus Professor of Economics, La Trobe University, Australia. He has both DPhil and DLitt degrees from Oxford University, where he was a research fellow of Nuffield College. He has held varied academic positions, including the Irving Fisher Research Professorship at Yale, Membership of the Institutes for Advanced Study at Berlin, Princeton and Wassenaar, Netherlands, Distinguished Visiting Professorship at Osaka Gakuin University, Japan, and the John Simon Professorship at Manchester. His many publications on economic, agricultural and environmental history include The European Miracle: environments, economies and geopolitics in the history of Europe and Asia (1981), Growth Recurring: economic growth in world history (1988), Cultures Merging: a historical and economic critique of culture (2006) and Barriers to Growth: English economic development from the Norman Conquest to Industrialisation (2020).

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