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A Sleep Guide for the Mature Adult

Having trouble getting your dreamed-of sleep after you retired? No longer able to stay awake after 8PM? Now that you have time on your hands, why can’t you sleep at night?

This book provides answers to these questions and more, offering necessary information and advice. As we change with age, sleep also changes. Why not encourage it to change for the better? The book explains how, from recognizing telling symptoms to just organizing a different schedule.

Joyce A. Walsleben, RN, PhD, D, ABSM, has a long history involving the study of both clinical and research aspects of sleep and its disorders. The author of numerous scientific papers and book chapters, she directed the New York University Sleep Center for almost 20 years. Formerly an Associate Professor of Medicine in the NYU School of Medicine, she is now enjoying retirement but continuing to teach as an Adjunct Professor there and an online mentor at Thomas Edison University, USA. She also co-authored the book A Woman’s Guide to Sleep (2000).

“A Sleep Guide for the Mature Adult is a knowledgeable guide to help us navigate the complexities of aging with a healthy focus on sleep. Dr Walsleben provides an excellent overview of the sleep process and its importance to healthy aging, as well as the challenges we face obtaining good quality sleep in the setting of other age-related disease processes. Her down-to-earth writing style with personal anecdotes and practical recommendations is refreshing and engaging, making A Sleep Guide for the Mature Adult an easy read and a valuable resource.”
Helene A. Emsellem, MD
Clinical Professor of Neurology at George Washington University and Director, the Center for Sleep and Wake Disorders, USA

“One of the unfortunate problems of aging is that our sleep becomes disrupted and less refreshing, which not only causes a depressed mood, anxiety and daytime tiredness and fatigue but also contributes to hastening our aging and even mortality. Dr Walsleben’s readable, short monograph on sleep in the elderly is an easy way for older adults to recognize the sleep factors that can be improved and details the common major sleep disorders of the elderly along with the direction that leads to resolving these disruptive disorders. This is a book that I can thoroughly recommend to all older people as it will definitely help them cope with an otherwise unpleasant part of aging.”
Michael Thorpy MD
Director Sleep-Wake Disorders Center, Montefiore Medical Center; Professor of Neurology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York

“This little book has been like a gift from manna! Without exaggeration, there isn't a book among the many I've accumulated over my "mature years," that comes close to being so appreciated and now so dog-eared! It could not have come into my hands at a better time in my life. […] This marvelous guidebook is so concise, so carefully organized, enabling me to locate what I'm in search of, easily. It's a very solid book, with serious, no-nonsense information, yet there are moments where the author shows her wonderful sense of humor, and proportion, and that's pretty rare and welcome if you ask me! As serious as some of the information is, it remains truly reader-friendly, chock full of information that for me, has consistently guided me to better nights of real sleep -- which as I see it, makes life worth getting up in the morning for -- even during pretty trying times. Since I first got hold of this little book, and devoured it, I've started sharing my new-found wisdom with close friends and colleagues. What has followed is that they, in turn, have offered sleep advice to others, even their younger adult children, and these far flung folk, periodically contact me as though I were their personal sleep guru! A Sleep Guide for the Mature Adult has its own special spot on my coffee table, next to my telephone -- because hardly a week goes by without someone asking for advice. It's truly a guide for the ages!”
Cathy Simpson

“I can’t thank Dr. Joyce Walsleben enough for writing this book! It is a treasure. [It is e]asy to read, comprehensive and insightful perspectives of an issue that haunts so many people. As a nurse and acupuncturist I am using many of the strategies outlined in the book with my patients. So many families and individuals would benefit having A Sleep Guide for the Mature Adult as a personal guide and reference at home.”
Laurinda Poirier-Solomon, MPH, RN, Lic Ac

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