Back of the Envelope Modelling of Infectious Disease Transmission Dynamics for Veterinary Students

This book deals with how we construct and use deterministic mathematical models of the transmission of infectious diseases in domestic and wild animals. It is a manual, drawing on examples from the world of veterinary medicine, but will appeal to the interested reader from any background. Mathematical models of infectious disease transmission dynamics are increasingly used to inform population-based disease control strategies. Such strategies are typically implemented by clinicians (in both human and animal medicine), policy makers, and career civil servants. This book will be of value to all such parties.

Gary Smith, DPhil, is Emeritus Professor of Population Biology and Epidemiology in the School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, and was formerly the Chief of the Section of Epidemiology and Public Health at Penn. He holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, and is a Fellow of the Center for Public Health Initiatives. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, and has edited two text books. He has served on expert committees in the US and Europe, and is a participant in Pennsylvania Task Force and Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council conferences in which he advises on the role of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in the face of large scale animal epidemics.

“The book does a good job of introducing disease transmission concepts with a minimum of necessary mathematics. Because most veterinary students have limited training in mathematics, this book will fill an important niche for interested students. […] It is also an excellent intro¬duction to disease transmission modelling for those who wish to progress to more advanced methods.”
Michael Sanderson, DVM, MS, DACVPM
Kansas State University; Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, March 2020

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