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The book is declared by its author as the first work with information regarding the life, personality and works of Edvard Grieg in English or German. The author is able to give a thorough account of both Grieg the man, and Grieg the composer with descriptions and analyses of his works. Pictures are painted of Grieg’s life in Germany and Norway; Peer Gynt and the influence of Ibsen; the effect of composers such as Liszt and Wagner; the role of Norwegian folk music; the impression left by the Norwegian countryside; and more. A highly useful inclusion in the volume is a bibliography of works on Grieg in English, French, German, and Norwegian, as well as a complete list of Edvard Grieg’s musical works.

The fact that this is among the earliest books on Grieg coupled with the fact that it was written while Grieg was still alive makes the volume a most necessary addition to any collection of works by and on Grieg. It is indispensable for researchers and scholars of Grieg, and provides a clear and appealing introduction to the newcomer.


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ISBN: 1-904303-20-X

ISBN13: 9781904303206

Release Date: 1st February 2003

Pages: 148

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