Words into Pictures: E. E. Cummings’ Art Across Borders

Words into Pictures: E. E. Cummings’ Art Across Borders

Words Into Pictures: E. E. Cummings’ Art Across Borders is a collection of ten new essays on the American poet and artist E. E. Cummings (1894-1962). Bringing together the verbal and the visual, two forms of art traditionally considered to be distinct and separate, the volume invites the reader to examine fields in Cummings studies that have been neglected or under-researched.

An artist who vigorously pursued painting and writing throughout his life, Cummings may be called the William Blake of American Modernism, a PoetAndPainter whose habitual genre-crossing renders his oeuvre a unique choice for multidisciplinary critical studies. The essays of this volume address the limits of the visual, linguistic, spatial, and political vison of the artist.

Contributors to this volume include established as well as junior Cummings scholars from the U.S. and Europe, giving Words Into Pictures an international and authoritative flavour.

Jiří Flajšar is Assistant Professor of English and American Literature at Palacký University, the author of Dějiny americké poezie (2006) and Epiphany in American Poetry (2003), and the Czech translator of E. E. Cummings. His research and teaching activities include American, British and Czech poetry, literature and culture, Canadian Studies, jazz, blues, poetry translation into Czech and English, and creative writing.

Zénó Vernyik is Lecturer of British and American Literature and Culture at the Technical University of Liberec, and doctoral student in Comparative Literature at Masaryk University. His primary research interests include the art of E. E. Cummings, American and British Modern and contemporary literature, spatial theory and the textual representation of cities.

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