Integrated Waste Management: The Circular Economy

This volume investigates the applications of the Circular Economy (CE) model in addressing the burgeoning issue of waste. Today, it has become imperative to understand the problem of environmental pollution from a value chain perspective. This calls for the coupling of the knowledge bases of science and management to achieve practical solutions to environmental problems and transition to a low carbon economy. With this thought process, this book merges various concepts from the techno-managerial perspective for effective waste management solutions. It throws light on the system-oriented view of CE and the contributions explore such concepts as the managerial aspect of waste management and CE, as well as advances in technical detailing.

Dr. Hema Diwan is a Faculty Member (Associate Professor) in the area of Sustainability Management at the National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai, India. She holds a PhD in Environment Remediation technology, and has postdoctoral experience in the same field. She is the author of a number of journal articles, and her current research focus is waste management and the circular economy. She is actively involved in Teaching, Research and Capacity Building exercises for Industries. She has conducted customized training programmes in ESG, Circular Economy, LCA, EIA and related environmental management domains for Corporate Houses.

Dr. Mona Sharma is Associate Professor and Head in the Department of Environmental Studies, Central University of Haryana, Mahendergarh, India. She holds a Ph.D. in Biohydrogen production and Environment Remediation using algal system. She is the author of several articles in international and national journals and the editor of a number of books. Her areas of interest include biohydrogen production using green algae and cyanobacteria, water pollution, wastewater treatment using microalgal systems, and the bioremediation of dyes and heavy metals using algal nanoparticles.

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Nitin Aggrawal

Mala A. Al-ahmadi

Abdelaziz M. Al-bassam

Arif Al-kalali

Abdullah Alsebaei

Mohamed Aly Badawi

Rachna Bhateria

Souvik Bhattacharjya

Arvind Chel

Bansal Deepak

Hema Diwan

Trodi Fares

Sheetal Kamble

Bencherif Karima

Geetanjali Kaushik

Sumit Kumar

Nitya Nanda

Anant Nemade

Omar K M Ouda

Purvi Patil

Akhilesh Prasad

Neha Saini

Mona Sharma

Anuj Sharma

Walter Rudolf Stahel

Dr. Sujata

Samir Telang

Anjali Yadav

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