How History and Genetics Define Jewish Diversity and Identity: Are We All Cousins?

This book describes the links between Jewish genetics, history, diversity, and identity. With a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm, it takes readers on a quest to reveal the answer to “Who is a Jew?”

Exploring the Jewish diaspora, this book takes a journey across the globe. From Assyria, Babylon, and the Greco-Roman world of ancient history to the Sephardim and Ashkenazim of today, it investigates the breadth and depth of the Jewish gene pool. Modern genetic research meets old beliefs about ethnicity and religion as the book sheds new light on old debates.

Boris Draznin, MD, PhD, is an internationally renowned leader in the field of endocrinology with a special emphasis on diabetes research and clinical practice. Currently, he is the Director of the Adult Diabetes Program and the Celeste and Jack Grynberg Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado, Denver. He has served as President of the Western Association of Physicians and Chair of the Professional Section of the American Diabetes Association. He has authored and co-authored 170 scientific articles and over 40 books and book chapters.

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