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Establishment of Cancer Gene Therapy

This book describes a 40-year research battle against cancer and, more specifically, glioblastoma, one of the most fatal brain tumours. Using different immunological strategies to fight this disease, the author was able to finally establish a revolutionary and successful treatment based principally on molecular biology named Cancer Gene Therapy. Although this cancer immuno-gene therapy was proposed as an experimental technique back in 1993, clinical results were not fully demonstrated until the 2005-2020s. This therapy can be summarized as follows: after arrest in cancer cells of the principal cancer growth factor IGF-I, using anti-gene IGF-I technology (antisense and triple helix), cells become immunogenic vaccines. Vaccination of glioblastoma patients induces an immune anti-tumour response, allowing an increase in median survival up to two years and a better quality of life.

Jerzy Trojan completed his Dr d’Etat ès Sciences (HDR) at the Sorbonne. He is the author of around 350 publications, including 130 articles, 90 book chapters, and two books. He is also an elected member of the French Academy of Medicine (ANM).

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