People, Power, and Politics in the Post-Pandemic World Order

2020 showed the world that the international system is always open to global crises. Throughout history, several breaking points significantly impacted the international system, such as the Peace of Westphalia, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, the World Wars, the end of the Cold War, and 9/11. In other words, the world has endured many global crises throughout history, such as global-scale wars, biohazards, and, most importantly, pandemics that have affected millions of people. After the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, the international system entered a transition process that involved many countries in different ways. Some countries imposed mandatory curfews, and some closed their borders to foreigners.

Moreover, for many countries, medical supplies turned into goods to be traded on the black market, hard to find and very hard to share. Even though two years have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic became a norm for the international public, its effects, most arguably its aftermath, still carry on. As such, it is essential to understand this transition from different angles. This book explores and evaluates the issues upon which the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant effect, such as migration management, climate change, diplomacy, regional politics, and globalisation.

Ahmet Gökbel, PhD, is Professor of International Relations at Kırşehir Ahi Evran University, Türkiye. His research covers topics such as Turkish cultural history, Anatolian folk culture and beliefs, Akhism, Alevi-Bektashi culture, and Turkish religious history. His publications include Kıpchak Turks and Encyclopedia of Alevi-Bektashi Idioms.

Erman Akıllı, PhD, is Associate Professor of International Relations at Kırşehir Ahi Evran University, Türkiye. He is the author of many book chapters and papers, as well as the book Türkiye’de ve Dünyada Devlet Kimligi (2016), and is the editor of Türkiye’de ve Dünyada Dış Yardımlar (2016) and Eurasian Politics and Society: Issues and Challenges (2017).

Burak Güneş, PhD, is Assistant Professor of International Relations at Kırşehir Ahi Evran University, Türkiye. He has published articles on state responsibility, private military and security companies, climate change and migration, and he is the author of the Private Military/Security Companies and State Responsibility: Blackwater and the Middle East and International Law on States Arming Non-State Armed Groups.

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Erman Akıllı

Ayşe Ataş

Abdullah Ayaz

Elshan Bagirzadeh

Sinan Baran

Orhan Battır

Bengü Çelenk

Dolapo Fakuade

Ahmet Gökbel

Burak Güneş

Kürşat Kan

Arif Behiç Özcan

Recep Şehitoğlu

Turan Suleymanov

Levent Yiğittepe

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