The Theory and Practice of the East Asian Library: A Marginal Science

Presenting groundbreaking research on the East Asian library, this book provides theoretical exploration on the subject through a passive model of glocalism. It details various aspects of the field and comprehensively covers the progress and conflicts in practice. The issues and perspectives raised here will lead to a rethinking of the field and its role in global interactivity with East Asia.

The book will also provide library guidance to the scholars in East Asian studies and related disciplines, offering support to East Asian resources and services that significantly affect scholarly activities.

Hong Cheng received his PhD and MA in History and his MLIS in Library and Information Science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), in addition to an MA and BA in History from Fudan University, China. He has been the Chinese Studies Librarian at UCLA since 2005, having previously served as the Library Director of the Art Institute of California at Los Angeles. He is currently the President of the Council on East Asian Libraries in North America and the President of the Southern California Chapter of the Chinese American Librarians Association. With research interests in historical philosophy, modern and contemporary Chinese socio-economic and cultural history, and the theory of library science, he is the author and co-compiler of a number of academic monographs and research papers, including some award-winning and peer-reviewed publications.

"At a time when East Asian libraries are facing great uncertainty and budgetary crisis, the issues and perspectives raised in this book will lead to a rethinking of East Asian libraries and their role in global interactivity with East Asia systematically. The theoretical model of Glocalism serves as an inspirator and hopefully stimulates further research and discussion."

Susan Xue, Journal of East Asian Libraries, Vol 176

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