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The Armageddon of Architecture and Design

This book examines why there is a lack of humanity in current architecture that produces such ghastly environmental errors. It brings together a selective study of past historical styles and works of art since primitive times in order to understand how the evolution of design was broken in the 20th century. Current ideologies and philosophies of the day are examined to ascertain those elements which fuelled a modern architecture that is lacking in humanity and agreeable contextual co-existence with our inherited communities. It shows that the complex effervescence of evolutionary life with its joy, communal celebratory nature, and constructive creative urges, is vulnerable from attack by these stronger alien forces of elimination and reductionism because their actions are by nature aggressive and dictatorially dominant. This book will appeal to all those academics and professional stakeholders who care for the environment and wish to see more positive changes.

Anthony Sully is a graduate of London’s Royal College of Art Interior Design course, gaining a Silver Medal for work of special distinction. His career has been equally divided between design practice and university teaching. His outlook has always been innovative with his work gaining awards and being published in the media and on TV. He was awarded a Fellowship of the Chartered Society of Designers, the Royal Society of Arts and the Higher Education Academy.

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