Towards a Polyphonic Approach to Change Management

This book develops a critical view of the current main theories in change management, showing that most offer partial explanations for change: the planning approach, for instance, considers it as a linear process, while the contingent approach, another renowned view, is essentially focused on contextual pressures.

It proposes an original combination of these various theoretical approaches via a comprehensive model, referred to as the five forces model, and suggests using actor-network theory, a French sociological perspective, to guide the change management process. Thanks to numerous case studies, the book provides the reader with a rich and concrete understanding of the main phenomena linked to any change process. This approach leads to a multidimensional grid for assessing change processes and pleads for the adoption of a “polyphonic” management style, in which considering the interests of the various stakeholders concerned directly contributes to the design of change projects.

François Pichault, PhD, is a Full Professor at the HEC-Management School of the University of Liège, Belgium. He is also an Invited Professor in Human Resource Management (HRM) at the University of Paris-Dauphine, and chairs an action-research center at the University of Liège, focused on human and organizational aspects of change and innovation processes. He has authored numerous books and papers on HRM and organizational change.

Jean-Luc Castro, PhD, is a Full Professor at Audencia Business School, France. He teaches business ethics and organizational behavior both in France and abroad. He also works as a consultant in companies and publishes case studies on change management, in association with professionals.

Françoise Chevalier, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Management and Human Resources Department at HEC Paris. Her research concerns managerial innovation and organizational change, leadership and human resource management (HRM), creativity and pedagogy.

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