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Painting, Photography, and the Digital: Crossing the Borders of the Mediums

This anthology investigates the interconnections between painting, photography, and the digital in contemporary art practices. It brings together 15 contributors, including internationally acclaimed artists Matt Saunders, Clare Strand, Elias Wessel, and Dan Hays, to write about a diverse range of art-making involving medium cross-over. Topics discussed here include reflections on the painted-on-photograph, reordering photographs into paintings, digital collage, printing digital landscapes onto recycled electronic media, viewer immersion in painted virtual reality (VR) worlds, photography created from paint, and the “truth” of the mediums. Underpinned by significant theoretical concepts, the volume provides unique insights into explorations of the mediums’ interconnectivity, which questions the position of the traditional genres. As such, this book is essential reading for practitioners, theorists, and students researching the nature of painting, photography, and digital art practices today.

Carl Robinson is an artist and Senior Lecturer of Fine Art at the University of Derby, UK. Since his first solo show in 1981, he has exhibited across the UK and internationally, including at NYIT Gallery 61, New York; The Space, Hong Kong; Gallery 27, London; Robert’s Books, Latvia; Plum Blossoms Art Gallery, Hong Kong; and Levy Gallery (2019), amongst others. He is the editor of the volumes PaintingDigitalPhotography: Synthesis and Difference in the Age of Media Equivalence (2018) and PhotographyDigitalPainting: Expanding Medium Interconnectivity in Contemporary Visual Art Practices (2020). His art practice explores bringing material-based painting, the digital, and photography together in single artworks.

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Mick Finch

Alison Goodyear

Frances Guerin

Dan Hays

Rhys Himswroth

Till Julian Huss

Rahma Khazam

Martin Lang

Matt Saunders

Abbie Schug

Theresia Stipp

Clare Strand

Elias Wessel

Frances Woodley

Dawn Woolley

Zara Worth

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