Neoliberal Globalization

This work uses the theory of phenomenological structuralism to put forth the argument that neoliberal globalization represents a Durkheimian mechanicalization of the world via the Protestant Ethic and the spirit of capitalism under American hegemony. It concludes that America attempts to “enframe” nation-states around the latter form of social integration via the systemicity of the dollar backed by the world’s commodities, which it privatizes. Amidst reactionary nationalism and fascism, which emerges to protect the citizenry of the world from the exploitative effects of the whole process, climate change threatens the American globalist project.

Paul C. Mocombe earned his Bachelor of Arts in History and African-American studies, his Master of Arts in Sociology, and his Doctorate of Philosophy in Comparative Studies (Philosophy and Sociology) from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. A former Visiting Professor of Philosophy and Sociology at Bethune Cookman University, USA, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Sociology at West Virginia State University, and the President/CEO of The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc., he is interested in the application of social theory (his general theory of “Phenomenological Structuralism” and “Consciousness Field Theory”) to contemporary issues such as consciousness, race, class, and capitalism (globalization). He is the author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles and 30 books, including The Theory of Phenomenological Structuralism; Capitalism, Lakouism, and Libertarian Communism; Jesus and the Streets; and Mocombe’s Reading Room Series.

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Paul C. Mocombe

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