Ballast Water Management and Environmental Protection

This book addresses the extensive global efforts of the International Maritime Organization to create rules around effective ballast water management. It will appeal to the marine environmental administrator, technology developer, port authority, shipowner, maritime lawyer, researcher, educator and student in the area of aquatic invasive species.

The book highlights the technical and technological steps that an organization may take to achieve the now-established global standard for preventing ships from introducing marine invasive species through the ship’s ballast water. In addition to highlighting technologies to prevent invasions, it calls for more active efforts to deal with already existing dangerous invasions. The book covers aspects of, among others, ballast water management regulation, enforcement, shipowner responsibilities, an industry attitude survey on this issue, risk management, cyber security, and addressing ballast water management in the Arctic.

Fikile Portia Ndlovu currently serves at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and specializes in the legal principles of international trade laws, particularly in maritime law. Her research also extends to subjects such as maritime security, maritime pedagogy, and the mining of sea areas. She has published a number of law and social commentary books, as well as children’s books and fiction. As a practicing maritime lawyer, Dr Ndlovu has provided consultancy services to government bodies such as the Ports Regulator and support to various commercial and government entities on maritime matters in various cities.

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