Reinventing Utopian Spaces

This volume brings together explorations of different aspects of Utopia studied from contemporary perspectives. Its main asset is its diversity and the broad scope of themes it covers and discusses. From literary utopias to media and philosophy, it offers a vista of approaches and contexts that testify to the book’s interdisciplinary character. In the words of Lyman Towers Sargent, a leading authority on Utopia and Utopian Studies, an interview with whom is at the same time an Introduction to this collection, “Utopia has universal relevance, but the way it is applied and operationalized varies from country to country and over time.” Professor Sargent’s observation can also serve as the leitmotif of the book and the current research on Utopia, its endless possibilities and varieties.

Grzegorz Zinkiewicz is an Assistant Professor at the University of Lodz, Poland. His academic interests include art, literature, and popular culture, with emphasis placed on the art and culture of the late 19th century and modernism. He also teaches courses on youth subcultures and performance art. His previous publications include the book William Morris’ Position between Art and Politics (2018).

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Joana Caetano

Katarzyna Coombs-Hoar

Maria Lukowska

Anton Heinrich Rennesland

Maria Varsam

Grzegorz Zinkiewicz

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