Dementia Caregiving East and West: Issues of Communication

This book pulls together current practical and adaptable communicative approaches to dementia care from western and eastern researchers, promoting cross-collaboration and global sharing of information.

Discussions of communicative interactions involving caregivers, whether local or migrant, professional or family, are an important part of global aging and aging education. Different countries around the world have different systems and policies governing aging, healthcare, and caregiving as do the different cultures within them. What isn’t different, however, is that dementia occurs in each country and each culture, although it may be acknowledged differently and may or may not be stigmatized or hidden. Ways of looking at dementia caregiving and carework have expanded across multiple cultures and countries, but are not always collected and made conveniently available.

In dementia caregiving, communication with the caregiver is widely seen as the most helpful non-pharmacological means of assistance, especially in the family-care context. This collection will be attractive across multiple fields as it presents practical and adaptable discussions of communicative interactions in dementia caregiving contributed by senior and junior researchers in anthropology, art therapy, counseling, gerontology, linguistics and nursing.

Boyd H. Davis is Graduate Professor Emerita at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Her research in linguistics and health communications focuses on conversation and narrative in inter-professional, professional, and patient-provider communicative interactions that are both face-to-face and online/telehealth. She develops communications interventions, particularly in dementia discourse, that involve oral, print, technology-supported, and digital materials.

Margaret Maclagan is a retired linguist from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand where she holds an honorary position. Her research areas include sound change over time in New Zealand English and in Māori and language change over time in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Her current work focuses on voice issues around the use of creaky voice and interactions between people with dementia and others, especially those who care for them. She aims to provide accurate information that is accessible to non-specialists.

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Birte Bös

Shu-Chuan Chen

Boyd H. Davis

Andrea Freidus

Jacqueline Guendouzi

Naiwen Hsu

Sonja Kleinke

Ching-Yi Kuo

Margaret Maclagan

Jamie Magee

Carolin Schneider

Dena Shenk

Lu Song

Christin Wolf

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