A Practical Guide to Crew Resource Management for Healthcare Teams

This book will help the reader’s team when confronted with complex, error-prone or ambiguous situations by providing concrete steps based on evidence and best practices in the application of Crew Resource Management (CRM) skills. The reader will learn how to determine the situation, communicate clearly and concisely, feel safe to ask questions and be assertive when safety is an issue, and to support each other in preventing, avoiding or mitigating errors and threats. They will learn how to develop a CRM-embedded plan and briefing, as well as how to debrief their actions to constantly improve.

This book emphasizes applications of CRM in the healthcare profession, combines best practices from multiple industries with latest research, and provides concrete techniques applicable in the real world. It also employs dialogue-based examples written by healthcare professionals and based on actual clinical scenarios, allowing the reader to analyze real-time situations.

William S. O’Keefe has spent 25 years training CRM to high-risk occupations. He has trained healthcare, NASA astronaut and flight controller, firefighter, oil drilling, maritime and military teams.

Lacey L. Schmidt, PhD, is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in helping select and train teams to thrive in extreme environments. She is also a recognized expert in occupational health psychology and faculty development.

Louis P. Halamek, MD, is a Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford University and a practicing neonatologist and Director of Neonatal Resuscitation at Packard Children’s Hospital. He is an internationally recognized expert in clinical debriefing.

Danny Castro, DO, MEd, is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine and an attending physician in the pediatric intensive care unit at Texas Children’s Hospital. He is a recognized leader in graduate medical education.

Sharon P. Pickering, PhD, has over 20 years of international experience in human factors, both in research and safety-critical industries. She specializes in working with aviation, military, and healthcare teams to optimize human performance under stress in their highly complex environments.

“[This book] is an easily applied model for team performance in the clinical setting. The four core skills introduced in this book are well-defined and doable for all team members. If you want to improve your care of patients, this book will give you practical examples and direct suggestions to get you there!”
Elizabeth Elliott, MS, PA-C
Associate Professor, School of Health Professions, Baylor College of Medicine, USA

“If crew resource management has loomed before you like an imposing monolith, this book is your guide to conquering it. The authors’ brilliant tone lends toward a conversation between old colleagues rather than an instruction manual, making this a quintessential read for clinical leaders, new or old.”
Dexter Buelow, RRT-NPS
Respiratory Therapy Clinical Coordinator, Texas Children’s Hospital

“[The book] delivers an invaluable guide for today’s complex and increasingly interdisciplinary healthcare systems. Bite-size lessons combined with a concise chapter framework using real-life scenarios provided by physician co-authors will foster learning for healthcare teams, trainees, and organizations, creating a team environment and culture which is adaptable across many scenarios including the intermingling of team members which undoubtedly occurs in healthcare settings.”
Ruth L. Bush, MD, JD, MPH
Professor of Vascular Surgery, University of Houston

“[This is] required reading for any debriefing facilitator. Clear examples illustrate essential team dynamics required in the complex milieu of healthcare. Practical scenarios, tabular examples and summary boxes are perfect ‘just in time’ references.”
Jeanine Graf, MD, Professor
Pediatric Intensive Care, Chief Medical Officer, Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus

“Read this superb, comprehensive book if you’ve experienced a near miss or serious adverse event; your hospital is considering CRM; or already has CRM but wants more from it!”
Andrew Gaffney, MD
Professor of Medicine (Emeritus), Vanderbilt University, USA

“[The book] is a wonderfully practical resource that covers the fundamentals of CRM for healthcare. Packed with clear examples, useful tips, and valuable tools, this book will be an essential tool to any individual or organization looking to improve safety and quality in healthcare delivery.”
David Michael Musson, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, McMaster University, Canada

“If you want to learn how to apply the wealth of knowledge on how to deliver effective CRM training to your organization--this is the book you must have and need. [It] will provide all the practical and insightful guidance you must follow. Get it! A gem of a book written by experienced CRM scientists and practitioners.”
Eduardo Salas, Ph.D.
Allyn R. and Gladys M. Cline Professor of Psychology, Rice University, USA

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