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The Sociology of Longevity: Socioecological Factors of Survival Probability

This book documents factors that determine humans’ survival probability of becoming centenarians (SPBC), as well as the life expectancy (LE) associated with socioecological factors (SEFs). It contributes to possibilities for increasing SPBC and LE by applying analytical strategies to understand trends and patterns in SPBC. The book also includes detailed accounts of 14 factors that affect SPBC and LE, and reports on the causes and impact of SEFs on SPBC and LE.

As the first time that the influence of SEFs on SPBC has been analyzed and described, this book presents evidence of SPBC and LE factors in all countries and contributes to globally applicable knowledge of how to become a healthy centenarian.

Jong In Kim, PhD, is Chairman at the Institute for Longevity Sciences and a Professor in the Division of Social Welfare and Health Administration at Wonkwang University, South Korea. He holds a PhD from Seoul National University, and is President of the Korean Society of Health and Welfare. He has served as a consulting member of the Presidential Commission on Policy Planning, South Korea, and has extensive research experience as a Visiting Professor at Harvard University, the University of Auckland, the University of Tokyo, and Australian National University. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Human Health Research, Ageing Science and Mental Health Studies, and Research International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health.

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