Design, Visual Communication and Branding

This book highlights how digital communication has brought about changes in branding, namely in design, the media, communication languages, the relationship with audiences, experience design, behaviour, culture, and brand management mechanisms. On the other hand, as it argues, artificial intelligence has opened the door to other ways of dealing with big data and communicating with mass audiences, through the customization of messages or a one-to-one logic. Overall, the book shows that the intersections between digital communication and artificial intelligence point towards a new reality in brand communication, which includes computer vision, pattern recognition, and changes in the design business and in the way communication design and branding are done.

Daniel Raposo is a Communication Designer and Professor of Design at the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal. He holds a PhD in Design and a Master’s degree in Design, Materials, and Product Management, and he is particularly interested in communication design, branding, and visual identity. His publications include the books Communicating Visually: The Graphic Design of the Brand, Perspective on Design: Research, Education and Practice, and Identity and Corporate Image Design.

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