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Climate Change and a Sustainable Earth

The impact of the changing climate on natural resources is among the greatest challenges that currently threaten Earth. This textbook focuses on the basic scientific principles of climate change that may be used to help develop long-term strategies to cope with the resulting broader environmental, societal, and economic impacts. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the book combines the principles of changing climate with specialized fields of the Water-Energy-Food-Health (WEFH) Nexus to examine how the Earth operates as an integrated system. It can be used at introduction-level courses in high school, undergraduate, and graduate programs, or as a scientific reference book. It will prepare students for future challenges regarding the climate and expose them to opportunities to meet these challenges.

Dr John J. Qu is a Professor in the Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science at George Mason University, where he serves as the founding Director of the Global Environment and Natural Resource Institute, and the Environmental Science and Technology Center. He has over 20 years of teaching and research experience on remote sensing, climate science, soil moisture/drought, and clean energy. He has published five books and over 150 papers and book chapters. In collaboration with the WMO and UNEP, he works to find sustainable global solutions to the Water-Energy-Food-Health (WEFH) Nexus caused by climate change.

Dr Raymond P. Motha is a Research Professor and Co-Director of the Global Environment and Natural Resources Institute at George Mason University, having previously served as the Chief Meteorologist of the United States Department of Agriculture. He advised the Secretary of Agriculture and the Chief Economist on climate and weather activities and served as the focal point in the department for impact assessments issued by the World Agricultural Outlook Board. Dr Motha also served as President of the WMO’s Commission for Agricultural Meteorology for two terms.

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