Modern Technological Intervention Advancements for the Physically Challenged and Disabled Population

The advent of communication technologies and advanced intervention tools has revolutionized lives by removing barriers and expanding the scope of access even to the disabled population. These technological advancements can help in social inclusion and accessibility, and new technological interventions that are robust, multidisciplinary and flexible can resolve the problems and improve the quality of life of the disabled, physically challenged and elderly populations.

However, despite this, there are not many books currently available covering these fields. As such, this text is a welcome addition, and incorporates knowledge and expertise from global professionals who have been working for years to help establish such technology. The book provides insights for budding researchers and students to explore the field further, and highlights the key challenges that need to be addressed before it is possible to fully reap the benefits from these technological interventions. It will also be useful for people working in the fields of rehabilitation and special education, as well as engineers, clinicians and industry professionals working with the disabled population.

Dinesh Bhatia gained his PhD in Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering at MNNIT, Allahabad, India, in 2010, following a BSc (2002) and MSc (2004) in Biomedical Engineering from Mumbai University, India. He completed his MBA (Dual Specialization) at IMT Ghaziabad, India, in 2007. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at North Eastern Hill University, India. He received the “Young Scientist Award” from the Government of India in 2011–12 to pursue research into osteoarthritis for one year at the Adaptive Neural Systems Laboratory at Florida International University, USA, where he led a multidisciplinary team of researchers. He was also the recipient of the “Fellowship Award” from the Indian National Academy of Engineering in 2011. He has published over 300 journal articles, as well as seven books and 25 book chapters. His research focuses on understanding muscle mechanics, joint kinematics and dynamics involved in performing human locomotion and daily tasks, and evaluating their performance during an injury or disease. His areas of interest are medical instrumentation, biomechanics and rehabilitation engineering, medical informatics, signal and image processing, marketing, international business, and environmental sustainability.

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Sandip Bag

Dinesh Bhatia

Deepshikha Carpenter

Sudeshna Das

Valentina Dsouza

Meena Gupta

Nikhil Kumar

Wanmihpli Lyngdoh Nonglait

Kishi Panchal

Anilendu Pramanik

S. Ravikumar

Swati Sikdar

Linda Iris Joseph Tomy

M. Varalakshmi

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