The Scientification of China

The Scientification of China

This book provides a novel, strategic solution to where China will go in the coming decades, utilising the common interest shared by Chinese people and people from other countries to realize the common dream of all of mankind.

It investigates the scientification of China, Chinese words, the Chinese language, and Chinese culture based on 10 scientific paradigms. Scientific Chinese words, scientific Chinese language and scientific Chinese culture form what is termed here as ‘the scientific Chinese trinity’, which will create a scientific China in the near future and facilitate the scientification of Chinese society and the development of the digital economy. The book will serve to convey to students, scholars, professionals, managers and practitioners the status of the evolution of Chinese culture and civilization.

Dr Zhaohao Sun is currently a Full Professor of Information Technology at PNG University of Technology, Papa New Guinea. He received his PhD from Bond University, Australia, and an MSc from Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus, Germany, as well as an MSc and BSc from Hebei University, China. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Federation University, Australia, and Hebei University of Science and Technology, China. He is the author of 7 books and over 160 research papers. His current research interests include China studies, big data analytics, intelligent analytics, business intelligence, data science, artificial intelligence, and intelligent systems.

Dr Paul P. Wang is a Professor Emeritus of the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University, USA. He received his MSc from the University of New Brunswick, Canada, in 1963 and his PhD from Ohio State University, USA, in 1965. He has published more than 200 journal papers and edited, authored and co-authored 19 books. His research interests include control, communication, computer, pattern recognition, AI, and bioinformatics.

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