Systems Theory with Engineering Applications

This book presents, in a rigorous and comprehensible way, the mathematical description and analysis of linear dynamic systems, and the controllability and observability of linear dynamic systems. It also details the stability of linear dynamic systems, automatic control systems, and nonlinear dynamic systems, and the optimal control of dynamic systems. The treatment is both systemic and synthetic, achieving rigorous and applicative solutions, and is illustrated with engineering examples. The book will appeal to scientists working in the practice of systems theory, engineering, automatic control, computer science, electrical engineering, electronics, and applied mathematics in biology and economics, as well as scientists working in education, research, design and industry.

Mihail Voicu obtained his PhD in Control Engineering from Iasi Technical University, Romania, in 1974, and is currently Emeritus Professor at this institution, having previously served as Vice-Rector and President. His research interests include stability theory and component-wise asymptotic stability. He is the author of over 200 papers, monographs and book chapters, 17 textbooks, and 67 technical reports. He is a member of the Romanian Academy and full member of the Technical Sciences Academy of Romania (TSAR).

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