A Cultural Analysis of Mobile Communities on Board Cruise Ships: Aboard and Abroad

Cruise ships are among the star performers of the tourist industry. Their traditions stem back to the nineteenth century. Though these traditions have undergone modernisation, this book argues that the pleasures that the passengers of the past sought parallel those of their contemporary counterparts. It examines the textual representation of cruises in tourist brochures and in the travel writing of, among others, Mark Twain and Paul Theroux, before turning its attention to being a passenger on a cruise ship. Much of the book draws on the author’s own experiences of travelling on cruise ships and, by way of comparison, a container ship. Of particular focus is what passengers do with their time aboard such ships, and how that time is subject to many of same controls found elsewhere in modern institutions.

Colin Symes is an independent researcher, and has taught at a number of Australia universities, mostly recently at Macquarie. He has written many journal articles, across a range of fields, and has published work in such journals as Space and Culture, Linguistic Landscape and Critical Studies in Education. He is also the author and editor of a number of books, including Setting the Record Straight and The Mobility Turn and Education (with Kal Gulson).

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