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Four Decades in Infant Mental Health: This Hallowed Ground

What can we do about very young children who cry all the time, or who withdraw, or who resist the very thing they need most: loving care? What can we do about parents who seem lost in the hurts of their own early childhood, and who behave in ways absolutely antithetical to their own stated parenting principles?

This is the world of infant mental health, and this book gathers together 25 stories from the author’s 41 years of experience in this remarkable clinical specialty. It will serve as a casebook and guide for infant mental health practitioners, and for the specialized faculty who prepare them. The clarity and accessibility of the cases will, however, make this book compelling to anyone mystified by how our earliest attachment experiences support or confound our later development.

Michael Trout completed his specialized training at the Child Development Project at the University of Michigan School of Medicine, under Professor Selma Fraiberg. He has served as the Vice-President for the United States at the World Association for Infant Mental Health, and as a Charter Editorial Board Member for the Infant Mental Health Journal. In addition to publishing four books, seven book chapters and 13 journal articles, he has produced 16 documentary films in the field that are in use in universities and clinics around the world. He won the Selma Fraiberg Award for “...significant contributions to the needs of infants and their families,” and a Lifetime Achievement Award “for his decades of work with children of loss and trauma” from ATTACh.

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