Collecting and Provenance

This collection of essays highlights the enduring significance of provenance and its implications for historians and art historians, as well as students and researchers engaged in museum studies. It also offers an opportunity to demonstrate its relevance to other fields of expertise, such as conservation, visual culture studies, aesthetics, authentication and connoisseurship versus technology as a means of establishing attributions and detecting forgeries.

Provenance is still of vital importance to jurisdiction, whether it concerns property law or ownership. It also remains topical because of the ongoing debates over looted art in the 1930s and 1940s and the illicit trade in antiquities conducted from Iraq and Syria by terrorist groups.

This book is part of a series. View the full series, "Collecting Histories", here.

Andrea M. Gáldy is a founding member of the international forum Collecting and Display (2004) and main editor of the series Collecting Histories. She is a specialist in the history of collecting during the early modern period.

Ronit Sorek is Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. She is co-founder of the Jerusalem Print Club, the first in Israel, which has been active since 2013.

Netta Assaf holds a Master’s degree in Art History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is Curator of Exhibitions at the National Library of Israel.

Gal Ventura is Head of the Institute of the Arts at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a cultural art historian and deals mainly with socio-medical aspects of childhood, maternity, pain and sleep in nineteenth-century French art.

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Roni Amir

Sara Angel

Miriam Apfeldorf

Ruth Apter-Gabriel

Eran Arie

Netta Assaf

Emily D. Bilski

Ines Fialho Brandao

Edmund de Waal

Daniel Dratwa

Christel Force

Andrea M. Gáldy

Meike Hoffmann

Patrick Hunt

Hadas Kedar

Stephan Kellner

Edo Litmanovich

Miriam Malachi

Tamar Mayer

Jennifer McComas

Shmuel Meiri

Marion Melk Koch

Sebastian Peters

Carmela Rubin

Shalom Sabar

Ronit Sorek

Shlomit Steinberg

Gal Ventura

Avi Weber

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