Literature and Catholicism in the 19th and 20th Centuries

This volume investigates how literary texts have reflected, in ground-breaking ways, distinctive features of a Catholic philosophy of life. It demonstrates how literature, by its ability to capture the imagination, is able to evoke facets of human experience related specifically to a Catholic understanding of life.

Dr David Torevell is an Honorary Research Fellow at Leeds Trinity University, UK, having previously worked for 18 years in secondary education. His work focuses on religion, philosophy and English literature. He is the author of Losing the Sacred (2000) and Liturgy and the Beauty of the Unknown (2007). He has also edited a number of books and served as the series editor for 11 volumes on applied ethics.

“A wonderfully rangy, ambitious, and provoking collection of essays on what it means to write with a distinctively Catholic vision. At once a history of the Catholic literary revival of the late 19th and 20th centuries, and a series of single-author studies, this important book invites us to think afresh not only about the literary treatment of explicitly Catholic themes, but also about what it means to have and express an implicitly Catholic sensibility.”
Dr Michael D. Hurley
Reader in Literature and Theology, University of Cambridge

“From time to time, a book crosses one’s desk that is so compelling that it becomes a text that lives with you. You will meet some of your favourite authors and discover their complex relationship with Catholicism. In a way that is accessible yet profound, the book pulsates with insight and wisdom.”
The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, PhD
Dean, President, and Professor of Theology and Ethics, Virginia Theological Seminary, USA

“Although I have been learning from David Torevell and Terry Phillips for a quarter of a century, their essays here still come as a surprise and a delight. Every reader will know of Gerard Manley Hopkins, but will find fresh inspiration here in the editor’s essay. Very few readers will have heard of the soldier-authors in Terry Phillips’ essay, and all will want to learn more.”
Simon Lee
Professor of Law, Open University; former Rector, Liverpool Hope University College

“As St. John Henry Newman said, faith is a God-given way of seeing reality, which is always more than (while inclusive of) cold truths or concepts. As this fine gathering of authors shows, those who write with imagination broaden and deepen our angle on existence, on the worthwhileness of our passing this way.”
Rev. Dr Paul Rowan, PhL, STD
Director, Beaulieu Institute of Theological Literacy, UK

“Challenging the view that Catholic literature is a thing of the past, 'Literature and Catholicism in the 19th and 20th Centuries' compellingly maintains that Catholic literature is timely and significant, offering illuminating truths to contemporary audiences of all religious persuasions.”
David Torevell
Honorary Research Fellow, Leeds Trinity University

Emilio José Álvarez Castaño

Mark Bosco

David Deavel

Daniel Frampton

Michael Kirwan

Carolyn Medine

Michael Murphy

Terry Phillips

Adam Schwartz

David Torevell

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