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Trauma and Survival in the Contemporary Church: Historical Responses in the Anglican Tradition

Drawing on a wide diversity of sources, this volume constitutes an additional layer to the phenomenon of trauma by exemplifying its experience within the context of the church, specifically the worldwide Anglican Communion, a family of churches rooted in the English appropriation of the Reformation. As shown here, a wide variety of analytic techniques can be deployed to examine trauma in the context of the church. At an uncertain moment characterized by institutional breakup and decline in several Anglican churches, this volume addresses an urgent need in the literature of church history as constituencies both within the church and without come to terms with ongoing and wide-ranging experiences of trauma. The variety of traumas and the responses, official and otherwise, documented in this collection reflect the wide-ranging testimony of the contributors. Shedding light for the first time on significant traumatic episodes, these narratives examine a difficult and seemingly inexhaustible topic.

Jonathan S. Lofft is an Associate of Trinity College in the University of Toronto, Canada, where he lectures on the history of Christianity in the Toronto School of Theology. A Research Fellow of Huron University College, and a member of the Faculty of Theology of Queen’s College in the Memorial University of Newfoundland, he is also Vice-President of the Canadian Church Historical Society.

Thomas P. Power is Adjunct Professor of Church History at Wycliffe College in the University of Toronto, Canada. He is the editor of A Flight of Parsons: The Divinity Diaspora of Trinity College Dublin (2018).

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Luis Dizon

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Norman Knowles

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