Derivative Spectroscopy

This book will appeal to both practitioners and researchers in both industrial and university chemical, bio-pharmaceutical, and physical, analytical laboratories, and students specializing in analytical spectroscopy, bio-pharmaceutical analysis, chemometrics, and laser physics. It sums up the results of more than half a century of research in derivative spectroscopy, including numerical differentiation and optical modulation techniques. The bibliography also briefly describes hundreds of derivative spectroscopic (classic optical and laser) and non-spectroscopic (chromatography, electrochemistry, and other) methods in industrial and research laboratories. This book differs from existing studies on the subject in that it offers, for the first time, the big picture of all kinds of spectroscopic and non-spectroscopic derivative methods. Also, the book provides quickly reproducible computer calculations illustrating its significant theoretical statements. As such, it can also serve as a practical guide to lecturers in analytical chemistry, chemometrics, and spectroscopy.

Joseph Dubrovkin gained a degree in Automatics from the Aviation Institute, Russia, in 1968, and doctoral degrees in Technical Sciences and Physics and Mathematics from Leningrad State University, Russia, in 1979 and 1989 respectively. He worked as a Lecturer at the Aviation Institute and the Pharmaceutical Institute, Russia, and Western Galilee College of Bar-Ilan University, Israel, before retiring.

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