A Treasure of Short Stories for English Language Learners

This book includes thirteen short stories, chosen to illustrate various modes of narration and to provoke reflection on a range of issues. The texts illustrate how great writers can, with their insight and gift for words, help us to see the world in which we live in new probing and exciting ways. Upon the completion of this book, learners will be able to read to find and handle information for a range of purposes, as well as read to enjoy and respond to a variety of texts. The book will also equip the reader to write for a range of purposes, conveying meaning in language appropriate to purpose and audience, and communicate effectively with native and non-native speakers of English, manipulating language as appropriate.

What characterises this book is its integration of literary competence, communicative competence, and critical thinking skills. This combined input incorporates the receptive skills of listening and reading, and the productive skills of speaking and writing.

Suhair Eyad Jamal Al-Alami holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Aston University, UK, and a PhD in English Linguistics from Ain Shams University, Egypt. She currently works as Associate Professor of English at Al Ghurair University, Dubai. She has contributed a wide range of research papers to various international journals, served as a co-editor of eight publications, and presented research papers at numerous conferences in nine countries, including the UAE, the UK, the Netherlands, and the USA. She has also received several recognition awards and certificates for her research, teaching, professional development, and community service activities and contributions.

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