Social-Ecological Resilience to Climate Change: Discourses, Frames and Ideologies

This volume represents a timely sociolinguistic response in its provision of fresh insight into the evolution of climate change communication. Through the case study method, it investigates the representation of social-ecological resilience to climate change in the emerging discursive practice mediated online by grassroots activists. The fertile ground of resilience discourse is explored by showing its more positive outlook compared to the varieties of discourses competing in the ongoing climate debate. Significant varieties are examined to highlight their background role in the discourse formation of social-ecological resilience.

The discursive-frame approach proposed here offers more than one methodological lens, allowing to capture the interrelated discursive, cognitive and social dimensions of resilience. It thereby underlines the importance of integrating different strands of critical discourse analysis with frame analysis to attend to the sociocognitive dimension of discourse which is still largely overlooked. The book is suitable for a wide readership, including scholars and neophyte readers with an interest in discourse, media and cultural studies, ecolinguistics, sociolinguistics, cognitive linguistics and pragmatics. It will also appeal to social scientists with a keen interest in environmental movement studies dealing with the issue of climate change and its evolving communication.

Anna Franca Plastina is Associate Professor of English Language and Translation at the University of Calabria, Italy, where she teaches ESP at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her research focuses mainly on the analysis of specialised discourse in digital environments through critical discourse, multimodal and cognitive approaches. Her publications include the edited volume Challenging Language Barriers in the Public Service: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (2016) and the monograph Applied Linguistics and Semantic Web Apps: Cases of Mediated Discursive Practices (2012). Her other fields of interest include corpus-assisted discourse analysis, applied linguistics and professional practice, psycholinguistics and ESP pedagogy. She has authored four books and over 100 other publications.

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