Redundant God? Christian Faith in the Light of Evolution

Does evolution make faith superfluous? Part One of this book looks across the whole spectrum of biology—from molecules to ecosystems to human societies—and at the fossil history of life on earth, concluding that evolution is the only explanatory concept that makes sense of it all. Doesn’t this demolish the core Christian claim that God created the entire universe? Part Two explores whether God might instead embrace that universe with love and compassion, without micromanaging or interfering. Jesus bears witness to such a God in his kingdom teaching, calling Christians to follow his example of humility, serving others, and valuing what the world considers unimportant. This suggests paths of repentance and restraint that are urgently needed in a world facing rapid climate change and likely mass extinction.

David de Pomerai received a BSc (Genetics) from Edinburgh University, and a PhD (Biochemistry) from University College London. After postdoctoral research in Edinburgh, he was appointed Lecturer in Zoology at Nottingham University—where he remained throughout his academic career, retiring to Edinburgh in 2015. His research and teaching interests covered developmental biology, toxicology and bioethics. After training part-time on the East Midlands Ministry Training course, he was ordained deacon in 1993 and priest in 1994. Since then, he has served as Associate Priest in several Anglican parishes, and as diocesan science adviser. He is currently serving in the Scottish Episcopal Church, and is Honorary Fellow at New College, Edinburgh. He has written a textbook, From Gene to Animal (1985, 1990), as well as a number of book chapters and over 80 research articles.

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