Re-Thinking Character in the Theatre of the Absurd

Using the character as a central element, this volume provides insights into the Theatre of the Absurd, highlighting its specific key characteristics. Adopting both semiotic-structuralist and mathematical approaches, its analysis of the absurdist character introduces new models of investigation, including a possible algebraic model operating on the scenic, dramatic and paradigmatic level of a play, not only exploring the relations, configurations, confrontations, functions and situations but also providing necessary information for a possible geometric model. The book also takes into consideration the relations established among the most important units of a dramatic work, character, cue, décor and régie, re-configuring the basic pattern. It will be useful for any reader interested in analyzing, staging or writing a play starting from a single character.

Carmen Dominte is a Lecturer of Professional English for Music in the Department of Musicology and Musical Education Studies of the National University of Music, Romania. She defended her PhD in Literary Theory in 2010 with a thesis titled “The Absurd as an Existential Adventure between Modernism and Postmodernism (A Typology for the Absurd Character)”. Her research interests include poetics and literary theory, cultural studies, theatre and film studies. She is the author of 25 articles published in journals such as Metacritic Journal for Comparative Studies and Theory, Swedish Journal of Romanian Studies, Annals of Philosophy, Social and Human Disciplines, University of Bucharest Review and Language and Literature-European Landmarks of Identity.

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