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Understanding the Discourse of Aging: A Multifaceted Perspective

There are a number of books and articles covering particular facets of the topic of aging, such as the image of the elderly in the media, cinema, TV series and commercials, and in literature, which of course provide useful background material and references. However, these studies on aging discourse predominantly focus on a single discipline. This book adds a fresh perspective, by addressing the communicative practices surrounding age, aging and the elderly from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The volume addresses several issues related to the discourse on aging, from the problems related to definitions of age to the image of the elderly in literature, cinema, and mass media, and gendered issues surrounding the aging process.

Vicent Salvador is Full Professor of Catalan Philology at Jaume I University, Spain. He has conducted research primarily in the fields of Catalan literature, literary theory and discourse analysis, and has led several research projects funded by the Spanish Government. His autobiography as a linguist has been included in the book La linguística en España. 24 autobiografías [Linguistics in Spain: 24 Autobiographies] (2014).

Agnese Sampietro is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Jaume I University, Spain, with expertise in computer-mediated communication and multimodality. Her work draws on different academic traditions around language and communication, including discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, multimodal discourse analysis and cultural studies, in order to analyze the way language, writing, reading and communication are changing due to the use of digital devices.

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