Information Resource Science: Theoretical and Methodological Foundations

This book is devoted to a new scientific research area termed ‘Information Resource Science’. The majority of previous publications about information resources are simply a description of new research and developments or a marketing presentation of information resources. As such, while applicative knowledge about information resources is dynamically developing today, there is no actual theoretical study of information resource science. This book serves to solve basic issues of information resource theory, and fills the numerous lacunae that exist in the theoretical knowledge of information resources. The solutions presented here will help in dealing with applied problems of information resource science, which will, ultimately, have a positive effect on the practice of creating and using one of the most important modern sources of activity for both the individual and society.

Tatyana Berestova graduated from the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Arts, Russia, in 1976, where she has worked since the 1980s. She received her doctorate from the Moscow State Art and Cultural University, Russia, in 2006. She is the author of more than 150 papers, including “Information Resource Studies as a New Direction of Scientific Research”, which marked the beginning of the development of a new direction created due to the progress of information technology and its integration with documentary-informational science outcomes.

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