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Using the Visual and Performing Arts to Encourage Pro-Environmental Behaviour

Ecoarts practice is evolving quickly as a practice. While much of it is made by individual artists working alone, artists are increasingly combining into multi-artist collectives, and collaborating with scientists, sustainability professionals, industry or the community to develop artworks with quite far-reaching effects.

This book describes an extraordinary range of artistic practices pitched to encourage people to adopt pro-environmental behaviours by provoking, persuading, providing information, creating empathy for nature or by being built into sustainability practices themselves. It brings together 28 contributors who examine different roles of the arts in encouraging pro-environmental behaviour. There is a wide range of practitioners represented here, including visual and performing artists, sustainability professionals, social researchers, environmental educators, research students and academics. The contributors to this book are united in believing that the arts are vital in promoting pro-environmental behavior in the way that they are practiced, but also in the connections they make to ecology, science and Indigenous culture.

Dr David Curtis is founder of EcoArts Australis Inc. An ecologist and social scientist, he holds an honorary position at the University of Wollongong, Australia. He has over 30 years of practical and theoretical experience of revegetation, farm forestry, landcare and conservation in rural and urban areas in Australia, and has written and published extensively on rural and urban ecological sustainability and the arts and environmental behaviour. From 2013 to 2019, he coordinated three international conferences in Wollongong, Australia for Ecoarts Australis on the role of the arts in building environmental sustainability and encouraging pro-environmental behaviour. He edited the first in this series, Building Sustainability with the Arts, which was published in 2017. He recently authored a graphic novel about reversing eucalyptus dieback called Dazed by Dieback.

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Kassandra Bossell

Marty Branagan

Renata Buziak

David Carr

Michael Connor

David Curtis

Laura Donkers

Penny Dunstan

Louise Fowler-Smith

Gilbert Grace

Sharon Jewell

Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger

Vicki Kelleher

Marda Kirn

Cecily Miller

Jodi Newcombe

Gabriella Quigley

Deborah Redwood

Toni Roberts

Penny Sadubin

Jill Sampson

Sally Shaw

Sue Stevens

Greer Taylor

Leanne Thompson

Claire Tracey

Svetlana Trefilova

Anastasia Tyurina

Catherine van Wilgenburg

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