Mobile Identities: Race, Ethnicity, and Borders in Contemporary Literature and Culture

Mobility has become one of the most exciting factors shaping our transnational and transcultural world today. However, the variety of approaches and stimulating debates it has engendered in geopolitics and sociology make it challenging for literary and cultural critics to establish solid approaches and own vocabularies.

Through a variety of case studies written by international contributors, this volume addresses emerging topics by using the tools of border studies, postcolonial discourse, and globalization theory. The multiple perspectives provided here emphasize the interaction between migrants and hosts as material, discursive, and historical. The chapters in this volume view identities as mobile and in constant flux, constructed and reconstructed repeatedly in historical and cultural encounters with several others. As a result of this dynamic, established stereotypes and images are challenged and revised in the analyses here. The book concludes that cultural identities are increasingly visible as results of large-scale global mobility. In so doing, it challenges views that address ethnicity as an unambiguous category and reveals that the making of such identities is contradictory and even conflicting.

Kamal Sbiri is Associate Professor and Vice Dean at the Faculty of Languages, Arts, and Humanities of Ibn Zohr University, Morocco. His research centers on migration, mobility, and transnational narratives of identity and border. He has published the book Voices from the Margin (2012) and authored several essays on the issues of migration and mobility. His most recent publication is “Border Crossing and Transculturation in Tahir Shah’s The Caliph’s House” published in Open Cultural Studies (2020).

Jopi Nyman is Professor of English and Vice Dean at the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Eastern Finland. He is the author and editor of more than 20 books, including Displacement, Memory, and Travel Contemporary Migrant Writing (2017) and Equine Fictions (2019), and the co-edited collection Border Images, Border Narratives: The Political Aesthetics of Boundaries and Crossings (2021). His current research interests focus on human-animal studies, transcultural literatures, and border narratives.

Rachida Yassine, PhD, is Professor of English and Cultural Studies at Ibn Zohr University, Morocco, where she is Director of the Research Laboratory “Culture, Language, Arts, and Society”. She is the author of Re-writing the Canon: Aspects of Identity Reconstitution in Postcolonial Contexts (2011), as well as the book chapters “Tangled Layers: The Female Body in the Maghreb at the Intersection of Religion, History, and Culture” in Embodying Religion: Contemporary Perspectives on Gender and Sexualities (2020) and “Female Identity Reconstitution and Colonial Language: a Postcolonial Malaise in Assia Djebar’s L’amour, la fantasia” in Algeria Revisited: History, Culture and Identity (2017).

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Rachid Ait Abdelmouman

Fatimaezzahra Abid

Brahim Benmoh

Mohamed El Amine Moumine

Jopi Nyman

Mohamed Ouhemmou

Kamal Sbiri

Hamza Touzani

Abdelaziz Tritha

Rachida Yassine

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