A New Approach to Journalism

This ground-breaking textbook finally provides a new approach to journalism. With the Internet and the collapse of traditional journalism created in a pre-social media era, this book presents an alternative through both an empirical and experimental approach. This exciting new model allows a bold new method of connecting with the world, where diversity and multiple perspectives are now the norm.

This book shows students a bright new path: one that is narrative-free, and presents verified facts in a simple, interconnected way. We can see how the world interconnects, shifts, changes, evolves, and diverges over time. The focus here is not on labels, roles, or stories; rather, the book provides facts that are both refined and empirically tested. It is a form of applied psychology that brings the laboratory to the real world. With unique experiments and exercises, the reader will see reality and truth in a whole new light, where new worlds are waiting to be explored.

Alexandra Kitty is an author and artist whose work has appeared in Presstime, Quill, Current, Elle Canada, Exterminating Angel, Maisonneuve, Critical Review, and Skeptic. She was a relationships columnist for the Hamilton Spectator and an advice columnist for the Victoria Times-Colonist. She taught Language Studies at Mohawk College, Writing at the Sheridan Institute, Metalwork Arts at Niagara College and Art at the Dundas Valley School of Art. She was the first female recipient of the Arch Award from McMaster University, Canada, and is the author of a number of books, including Don’t Believe It!: How Lies Become News; OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism; Consumer-isms in 12 Easy Steps; The Art of Kintsugi; and The Dramatic Moment of Fate: The Life of Sherlock Holmes in the Theatre, among others.

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