Shakespeare, Christianity and Italian Paganism

This book shows that, when Shakespeare wrote his plays, he responded to the political, religious and social conflicts in the Christianity of the day, giving those areas a new perspective through pagan (Italian and Greek) mythology. In particular, it offers a reading of The Winter’s Tale, which it has been said is “one of the most linguistically dense, emotionally demanding and spiritually rich of all the plays”.

Productions as far afield as Mexico and Paris have brought Shakespeare’s plays up to date to enhance or challenge the lives of their communities. From South Africa to Gdansk, Shakespeare has been adapted to be read in schools. His plays have prompted a dialogue with many European scholars whom this book addresses.

Eric Harber studied at Natal University, South Africa, and taught at Natal and Rhodes University (also in South Africa), before being forced into exile. He researched in Cambridge and later taught at London Metropolitan University and the University of Sussex. He has presented papers at conferences at Stratford, Rhodes, Montpellier, and Berlin and Cambridge, and has published work on Shakespeare and English writers in South Africa.

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