Keeping Peace in a Turbulent World: Reflections from the Field

This book shares the experiences of Bangladeshi and other UN peacekeepers serving in some of the world's most challenging and remote regions. With a shared commitment to restoring global peace and safeguarding vulnerable communities affected by conflicts and disasters, these 33 peacekeeping stories capture courage, sacrifice, and unwavering dedication.

The book brings to life the extraordinary journeys of these peacekeepers, offering readers an intimate glimpse into the realities they face on the frontlines. Complementing the personal accounts, former senior leaders of UN peacekeeping operations share their valuable insights and perspectives, shedding light on the complexities of maintaining peace in a turbulent world. It is a transformative work that caters to a diverse audience, ranging from students and academics seeking a deeper understanding of peacekeeping strategies to humanitarian professionals, military personnel, policymakers, and diplomats striving to enhance their knowledge of international cooperation. Moreover, NGO workers, peace advocates, and general readers interested in global issues will find this anthology an engaging and poignant exploration of human resilience and compassion.

Dr Kawser Ahmed obtained his PhD in peace and conflict studies from the University of Manitoba, Canada. He holds a postdoctoral fellowship from the University of Winnipeg, Canada, and has diverse experience in matters of peace and conflict, including serving with the Turkish Armed Forces and observing UN Missions in Western Sahara. He is associated with various research networks and teaches political science at the University of Winnipeg and the Natural Resource Institute of the University of Manitoba.

Del H Khan is an army veteran, former UN peacekeeper, and celebrated author. He has made substantial contributions to global peacekeeping, humanitarian security, and refugee crises. Acknowledged for his commendable service across UN missions, he played a key role in responding to the Rohingya refugee situation during his tenure at World Vision International.

"United Nations peacekeepers perform multifaceted roles that are crucial in ensuring global peace and security. Indeed, the peacekeepers prevent conflict and ensure more rooms of manoeuver for diplomatic and political efforts, which signifies their great contributions to world peace and stability. In this connection, the involvement of Bangladesh Army in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (UNPKOS) is a narrative of more than three decades. We are proud to earn the glorious top position as Troop Contributing Country (TCC). But, the journey of achieving such a noble reputation was not easy. Rather, it is the outcome of distinguished services, unwavering dedications and considerable sacrifices made by the peacekeepers who have left the warmth of their homes and families to uphold justice and order in the world's most perilous regions. This book is basically an anthology of narratives which reflects the lived experiences, enduring commitments, indomitable valour and great sacrifices made by the gallant men and women who have served under the Blue Helmet as United Nations Peacekeepers. It explores the multifaceted domain of peacekeeping from the vantage points of those who have been directly involved, especially the candid insights of the commanders offering invaluable observations on the conduct of various UNPKOS. The write-ups also serve as lenses through which the readers can comprehend the present challenges and envision the future role of the United Nations in an ever-changing global landscape. Thus, the book stands as an important record of the indomitable spirit, courage and dedication of UN peacekeepers. I convey my felicitations to the authors and editors for their exemplary scholarship and dedication in bringing this enlightening volume to life. I am sanguine that the richness contained within its pages will not only educate but also palpably inspire succeeding generations to take up the sacred mantle of peacekeeping for a more peaceful, just and harmonious world."

General Sheikh Mohammad Shafiuddin Ahmed Chief of Army Staff (CAS) of the Bangladesh Army

Asadullah ,

Nasir Uddin Ahmod

Syed Md As-Sazid

Nazma Begum

Gabriel Gorge Guerroro

Monirul Haque

Muhammad Lutful Haque

Asadul Haque

Sharmin Haque

Mehedi Hasan

Sarwar Hossain

Raian Hossain

Mohsin Hasan Imran

Ferdous Iqbal

Saidul Islam

Shafiqul Islam

Carlos Godoy Junior

Mohammad Humayun Kabir

Feroz Al Mozahid Khan

Jamil Ahmed Khan

Shahrina Binte Anwar Libra

Kristin Lund

Rakib Mahmud

Bodrul Millat

Shahjahan Mollah

Omar Martin Tejada Perez

Kazi Rafi

Abdur Rahim

Masudur Rahman

Afra Sayara Rahman

Sheikh Khalid Raihan

Sadman Sakib

Nahian Salsabeel

Tarek Mahmud Sarker

Bayezid Sarwar

Hasan Shahriar

Eman Nur Shamsuddin

Shamsul Alam Siddique

Md. Ashraf Uddin

Ashique Hasan Ullah

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