Technomimetics versus Biomimetics: An Application towards Artificial Intelligence

Nature has always been an inspiration to humans in terms of using minimum resources to produce maximum results, and in its ability to allow organisms to operate and fit the required environment. There are a number of challenges for humans attempting to mimic nature in this regard given the endless possibilities, such as in using techno-biomimetic devices, fully-grown intelligent robots, autonomous systems and vehicles, molecular computers and nanotechnological materials, which are currently being are developed. This book investigates the various advantages, challenges and limitations of data science and artificial intelligence in techno-biomimetic systems.

Dr Ruby Srivastava, a theoretical physicist, has successfully completed two projects as Principal Investigator with the CSIR Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad. She has worked for more than fifteen years in the teaching industry, and has published several papers and research articles, as well as having contributed to six book chapters. Her work “Nanostructured Solar Cells” was selected for the Web of Science’s Book Citation Index Core Collection, and two of her publications have been selected for the Longuet-Higgins Early Career Researcher Prizes.

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